7 Reasons Why Kids Should Exercise

Kids are some of the most active beings on the planet but despite their activeness, they still need to exercise. This is because exercise does a lot of benefits for their young bodies. Here are some of the reasons why kids should exercise:

Helps them maintain a healthy body weight.

Kids who do exercise are more likely to stay fit than kids who don’t. It is also during these times that kids tend to start eating junk foods, sweets, and other unhealthy food which can make their body unhealthy. Teaching them to exercise at a young age would help in keeping their bodies in optimal health.

exercise for kids

They have better overall mood.

Studies show that children who exercise are seen to have a better mood. They are also less likely to develop negative emotions and mental problems related to it like anxiety and depression. This is because of the increased endorphin levels in the body which is related to the happiness of the person.

Increases their self-esteem and confidence.

Since kids who exercise are seen as fit and healthy by their peers as well as different adults, it can make them feel like they have accomplished something great. The sense of accomplishment helps them in improving their self-esteem and can make them confident about their looks and their health.

Fights certain diseases.

With a healthy body, there will be a decrease in the risk of a child getting different diseases such as colds. Studies have shown that kids who exercise at a young age continue to do so until they grow old which would help keep them healthy. There will also be a lowered risk for them to get life threatening diseases when they grow older like certain types of cancer, diabetes, heart problems, and other illnesses.

Improve interpersonal skills and relationships.

Exercise for kids is not usually considered a competition for them. They usually do these because they enjoy doing it and it also makes them healthy. When they join teams who help them improve through exercise, they are able to get along well with others. This helps in building up the interpersonal skills of the children which would be a great help when they grow older.

Enhances their academic performance.

There are many studies that show that exercise helps the mind in remembering better. The reason behind this is because of the constant jogging of the brain’s memory which can improve it in the long run. Kids who exercise regularly are found to have greater academic performance after they had participated in such activities.

Develops their healthy habits.

Developing a habit at a young age is something that helps them when they transition into adulthood. Children who are known to exercise are found to have developed the habit of doing so even until their adult period. Other than exercising, it can also be noticed that those who have exercised as a child are seen to eat healthy foods more than those who do not exercise.